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The Rage Less Traveled in the Jerusalem Post

Sheri Oz has published a long interview with me in the Jerusalem Post:

What is the meaning of the title of your book, The Rage Less Traveled?

After the terrorist attack at the Bataclan in Paris, I was astounded by the way the public reacted by putting flowers down at the spot of the crime. Somehow, we have reached the absurd situation where the worst thing you can do in today’s politically correct world is to express anger. But a wrong was done to me. Rage in such a situation is normal and should be allowed. When we are told to short-circuit rage, society will snap at some point. We need to validate rage.

But isn’t rage dangerous?

The important thing is where you direct your rage.

I own my rage and I limit it and direct it to those who are directly responsible for my attack. I will not let anyone take away my right to my rage and my hate. But by directing it specifically at those who attacked me, I can distinguish between those who deserve my hate and those innocents who do not. Otherwise, it gets blurry.

I will never forgive. My attackers show no remorse. They say they would do it again.

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