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Read the chilling account of Kay Wilson’s story. On a Saturday afternoon in December 2010, Kay and a friend, Kristine Luken, were hiking in a forest outside of Jerusalem. They noticed two Arab men approaching them. The men attacked them, armed with a long serrated knife. The women attempted to fight back, Wilson managing to stab an attacker with a pocketknife, before they were subdued.

Wilson instructed Luken to feign an epileptic attack and told their assailants that they were part of a tour group that would soon be returning. After half an hour at being held at knife point, their shoes were removed and their hands tied behind their backs. After being gagged with parts of a fleece jacket, the two women were separated and forced to kneel on hands and knees. The two women begged for their lives to be spared but were then stabbed multiple times.

Wilson was stabbed 13 times and sustained several broken ribs, punctured lungs and diaphragm, dislocated shoulder, broken shoulder blade, and a broken sternum; Kristine was fatally stabbed in the attack.

With her hands still bound behind her back, Wilson staggered barefoot and bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds for over a mile until reaching a parking lot where a family alerted the authorities. The terrorist’s blood on her sleeve, enabled the police to identify his DNA which lead, not only to her assailants arrest, but the solving of the murder of Neta Blatt-Sorek, who was butchered to death earlier that year.